On August 12th, 2007, 7 players helped accomplish something that has never been done in Midnight Club 2 history: 1025 drops. These 7 players were: Tookumi, Flash, Goldstone, Kimmy, VeRKiFFTeR, iMPoSSiBLe NooB and NOS BiG BoBY.

The goal at the very beginning of the event was to just return 1000 drops, however, after the 1000th drop, the team decided to keep going for 25 more drops, in case the limit was only 1000 drops.

Only 4 of these players were there to witness 1001 drops as the other 3 players either left or lost connection to the host. After the 1001th drop, Kimmy decided to leave the game.

The event was one of the longest events in Midnight Club 2 online history, as it took 6 hours and 5 minutes in total time. These players were very exhausted near the 700th drop, but were very determined to accomplish the difficult task.

When the team had 998 drops, Tookumi, Flash, Goldstone, and Kimmy decided to battle for the 999th drop. Goldstone was the one who turned out to be the event's 999th flag returner.

After the 999th drop was returned, the team decided to battle for the 1000th drop, and Tookumi was the event's 1000th flag returner.

Flash returned the final flag in the event, the 1025th drop.

Congratulations to all players who participated in this long event that tested each player's endurance, patience, and cooperation.