AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+
OCZ 512MB Dual Channel PC3200 DDR RAM
Nvidia GeForce 6600GT
ASUS K8V Deluxe K8T800

Start of a Career

The first time I played online was in 2003, after I had done everything offline. Using a Saikou XS, I played a couple races, such as LA Turismo, River Raid, and some Paris circuits. When I was racing on River Raid, I saw 2 people that were skilled in my eyes. They drove Saikou XS's as well, one of them was named Spliffco, and the other was his friend. So then I started practicing a lot with the Saikou XS so I could become as good as they were.

Improving Racing Skills

I once raced with LSD K47 and someone else on Tribulation (Tokyo), but I drove a Saikou XS, and they drove Veloci's. K47 talked a lot during the race, there was even a part where K47 stopped his car to talk as well. By doing so, I took the lead and created quite a margin for myself, but after the 2nd lap (for me), he caught up. I thought, there was no way that he could talk and then be able to catch up. He passed me, drove away from my vision and I could not see his name anymore.

Racing with Jax was a thoughtful experience, as it showed me a lot of things. Racing with him 1 on 1, I could tell he was skilled and he didn't fishtail. We raced on River Raid and Shinjuku Speedway, he won most of the races since I only drove a Saikou XS. Even if I drove a Veloci at that time, I wouldn't stand a chance. He suggested that I should drive another car instead because the Saikou XS had limited capibilities.

After that meeting with Jax, I wanted to get better at driving, however I had to drive a different car, I did not like driving the Veloci at that time because I thought the handling was a little too loose for my taste. Therefore, I drove a LA Cop because I found out that when I took a corner, the car sped up, so then I started practicing a lot with the LA Cop. However, my best time was 2:55 on River Raid and the LA Cop's sliding trick not working consistently led me to think it would not be the right car to choose. So once again, I drove Saikou XS again. 2:45 was probably the best I got with a Saikou XS back then...

I looked at a FAQ on Midnight Club 2, I read that if you hold handbrake, your car would go faster, but this was only on the Veloci and SLF450x. One afternoon, when I was racing with some Lusso XT's, one of them told me that you could press handbrake when you turn and you'll speed up. After that, I found out how to fishtail with Lusso. One day, I went to cruise in Arcade Mode for fun with Tokyo Cop, I found out it could fishtail as well, so then I started practicing on River Raid with the Tokyo Cop. I practiced really hard on with it, online and offline in Arcade. The best time I got back then was 2:18. By figuring out that a Tokyo Cop could fishtail, I also found out that a Veloci could as well.

Start of Things in the Racing World

After lots of practice, I went into a custom, hosted by a LSD member. I was behind him, and I lost, but he said, "Nice Try StingRay". I didn't know what he meant by that at the time, so I asked who StingRay was. A few moments later, he got LSD StingRay427 to come race with us. We raced a couple races such as the LA circuits. It was great fun since both him and I drove Tokyo Cops. Soon after that, we became friends, since we both drove a Tokyo Cop. Both of us were able to get 2:18, so it was a great race that benefited both of our skills each time. One time, while we were having our daily practices, he once asked if I wanted to join LSD, he gave me the link to the LSD site (It's not up anymore) and he gave me the link to the LSD forum. I told him that I would think about the opportunity and give him an answer later on.

A few months later, StingRay stopped showing up, so I started to wonder what happened to him. It turns out that he got a steering wheel during that time and he was playing DTM Race Driver. Before, he used a joy pad, but he started to use a wheel instead. It felt good to see him back, but then he disappeared again.

A New Username

I had also taken several breaks from the game to do other things because MC2 was dying... I came back every once in a while, but the problem was that too many people thought I cheated and wouldn't play with me, so this was the time I changed my name to Tookumi.

After I received a new identity, more people started to play with me, and with a new nickname, I started to get into the racing world with anyone that still raced. There were some people that I knew, but then I raced with them more and got to know them better than I did before. My technique was expanding more and I was able to fishtail other cars other than the Veloci, Tokyo Cop, and Lusso. I figured out how to fishtail with the Bryanston V, Schneller V8, Saikou, Citi Turbo, and lots more. By now, I became friends with people like LV Volk, Dreemax 666, FrenchQuebecker, canon, Sudo, real, and LynxEng. I also started playing CTF sometimes and I knew people like Flash and ART. ART tried to bring me into CTF because he realized my skill in racing.

The surprise, StingRay came back for a visit... But, he said he was leaving MC2.

Clan Creation

I created a clan named BRS with my friend Sudo, although he didn't show up that often, he was good. Unfortunately, people began to fake BRS, also with someone that faked me and pretended that they were the leader of BRS, which had fake members that played CTF (names of those who faked BRS will not be mentioned). I hated what these people were doing, not only were they faking BRS, but they were also booting my friend Spliffco, so then I had to explain everything to Spliffco and I had to tell all my friends that there was a fake Tookumi around that hosts CTF. Because of this, the faker knew some CTFers through my name, and people thought I was the person that had the name BRS Tookumi. I began to meet people like PheNoMiNaL and Kimmy, but I told them the whole story about the BRS fakes.

A few nights later, I was hosting, and then SoG VeNoM and SoG SwAnG came in, and asked if I was that 'person' and I responded, "no". They didn't believe me, they said I'm faking the person that was using Tookumi, and I said I wasn't and told them it was the other way around, but they wouldn't stop. So instead, I just started, and I beat them in River Raid, then VeNoM started swearing at me, and calling me a modder, and also SwAnG was saying that as well. I raced on a few more races with them, then I rehosted. When I rehosted, Sudo came in, and raced with us. Sudo didn't agree with what they said as we played a few races, then VeNoM left, while SwAnG stayed. I rehosted again, then I saw PheNoMiNaL, so I went into his host. Soon after that, SwAnG left as well.

Start of Things In The CTF World

After all the fakers were cleared up, I started playing as 'Tookumi' again instead of 'BRS Tookumi' because people might have thought I was that 'person'. I became more known in the MC2 world as well, plus I started playing CTF more often since most of the racers didn't appear. I became better at playing CTF, and more people started to know me such as oPm, eXciTed, John Doe/III vrede III, OS C Suraj, and more.

People started talking about how well I raced, so then more people wanted to race me and see how good I was, many of them thought they could beat me, but the result the opposite of what they expected. I received clan invitations from some CTF clans as well. People also said that I have improved in CTF and some thought I was cheating. Also, at this time, I had made a lot of friends and I have been driving the Veloci more often. Eventually, I drove the Veloci all the time.

When the undercover SoRRoWFuL came by, I heard lots of positive things from him. People were saying he was extremely good at CTF. However, the first time I saw SoRRoWFuL was when he came in a race with me, LV Volk, and S7 Wolf. We raced for over an hour, it was fun since S7 Wolf had come back for his monthly visit. We raced all the Savo career races. Some were close races, and some were completely the opposite. The next day, I got to see SoRRoWFuL and InFeRnaL play each other 1 on 1. SoRRoWFuL proved to be victorious. Then, a few days later, I found out that SoRRoWFuL turned out to be LeGeNdaRy, but I had expected it might have been him. A few months later, LeGeNdaRy told me that when he was SoRRoWFuL, he got booted because people didn't know who he was, so he said that he faked me for a day.

More Fakers

Once when I was talking with PheNoMiNaL, he told me that there was another fake Tookumi (that hosted River Raid with 6 people) and he also told me that he got booted from the game as well.

Clans And Tournaments

A few weeks later, PheNoMiNaL also told me there was a CTF Tournament that was about to start, he asked if I could play for his clan - DoS (Definition of Style), so I agreed to it. Whenever there were the 2 of us around, we always played on the same team. But, too bad the Tournament didn't start.

The Fr clan started up again, consisting of GoldStone, VeNeMouS, PheNoMiNaL, and SaCaNa. PheNoMiNaL wanted me to join, so he got GoldStone to automatically put me into the clan, although I didn't use the Fr name too much, only if the others were around.

Training Sessions

I started training Flash, we drove on River Raid a lot, so we started training from there, I told him most of the things I knew, I told him all the lines to take, NOS points, passing techniques, everything necessary in the racing world. I also trained him on Beverly Thrasher, and lots more. I watched from the start of training of his training, with him progressing little by little.

Even More Fakers

Everything was going smoothly until... Flash told me that TcO ArMaGeDoN was faking me and he even sent me a video showing the faker in action.

Rocky Friendship

The next few months were smooth sailing, but I fell out with one of my old friends that I had made over the course of my MC2 career. During this time, I also did not go to his nightly practices, which contained practice and fun. These may have lasted for a few hours or so. Fortunately, the friendship was revived.

By this time, some clans tried to recruit me into them. There was also another faker around once again, although I did not know who it was, I did know that he faked many people including X, Neo, and others. This faker may still be around now as he uses a yellow car, and hosts 4 people.

New Clans

I started hearing about a new undercover clan named JeT, as nobody knew who they were at that time. During this time, people have been hyping up the leader since he beat PavilioN and were commenting on how well they played as a team. But, it turned out that JeT was Pav, SaCaNa, and MTX.

Another new clan appeared while other clans disappeared. This clan was called BoA, which consisted of 10 members or so. I did not find out who all the members were, but I did know Hostel, Flash, MTX, GoldStone, Yoshi, Fanta, and Ashley were all in the clan. This clan disappeared within a few weeks after creation.

New clans just came and went, however some of the older clans came back. During this period of time, I had been getting better, and sometimes being able to beat some of the people I wanted to beat. I learned that a balance of CTF and Racing are a good combination to help improve my skills. I started finding out I was getting faster times on certain circuits.

Racers' Revivement

Dreemax 666 was gone for a long amount of time during the summer, but he came back after the summer season and did some races. Dreemax and his customs were a good test for any Veloci driver to see what level their skills were currently at.

One night, John Doe, real, dreadZnatty, and I raced together. It was a reunion night for them and it was loads of fun. We played regular races, then moved on to Customs. The next day, John Doe was there once again, but this time with YourPhobia. Two weeks later, Antitenant came on and played a couple races with Flash, Volk, canon, and I.

During those weeks when the old racers were coming back, there was an NwW LeGeNdaRy around, but when I asked him a question that I was hoping to know, he had no idea what I was talking about, therefore I figured that this LeGeNdaRy was a fake. A few days later, I came to his host, with SaCaNa there, and questioned him even more, but then, he admited to being a fake. When he started the game, he showed me and SaCaNa that he had mods, as he was able to do things you wouldn't be able to do with a Veloci. When SaCaNa left, he told me that he had more mods, and he showed me. He said he was faking 2 people, which was LeGeNdaRy and ChAmP. This faker's name will not be mentioned here.

There was another faker around, that I managed to see only once, with the name "imukooT", but the problem was that "imukooT" was a name that I used for awhile and in backwards, it would mean Tookumi.

Soon enough, StingRay had shown up once again, but this time he was rustier than before. He raced a few rounds in Tokyo with Volk, Flash, and I. A few days later, StingRay and K47 came back for a visit with Kimmy, and we raced the Los Angeles circuits this time.

And now, I've created a site…

After The Creation Of The Site

Ever since the site has been open, I have been using the name "www.Tookumi.com", which has greatly prevented fakers, as I have not seen a single faker. Every Thursday, I have released a new video for others to download and watch, and I will continue on.

Flash Packs It Up

On May 27th 2007, was Flash's last day in Midnight Club 2, as we and others raced on all of the cities. A video was made in tribute of his last day, which can be found in the Videos section of this site. Flash's last race was with canon and I, on one of canon's Paris customs. That day was when many said good bye to him.